Arospec Week Roundup

Over the course of Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week I tweeted recommended fiction and blogs, and also wrote several blog posts.

Aroy recs 2016

Stone by me (poem)
Even Robots Learn by me (poem)
Zucchini by me (poem)
Tanith’s Sky by me (short story)
Autobiographical Story about A Hopeless Aromantic (Becoming Loveless) by Chekhov (comic)
An Aromantic’s Love Song to the Populace by Nico Bouvier (review) (poetry)
Supernormal Step by Michael Lee Lunsford (comic)
Shumatsu wa Kazoku by Nozomi Katsura (review) (novel, not in English)
The Crows Her Dragon’s Gate by Benjanun Sriduangkaew (short story)

Aroy blogs and linkspams

How to be a better ally to aromantic people
October 2015 Carnival of Aces Round-Up (Aromanticism & The Aromantic Spectrum)
Teeny tiny linkspam on aromanticism
Teeny tiny linkspam on greyness
Teeny tiny linkspam on asexuality and relationships
Helpful answers

My Aroy posts

Me & Asexuality & Aromanticism
It’s Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week!
Aromanticism in Fiction Pt 1
Aromanticism in Fiction pt 2 – Q&A
Living Aro
I also think this post from last year is important to remind people of: guidelines, welcoming aro & ace, queer

I also started a list of free/online aro- and ace-spec fiction!

You can also see my collection of Acey Recs for Asexual Awareness Week.