About Penny

I live in Perth, Western Australia. A few years ago I graduated with a BA, majoring in Linguistics with some ancient languages on the side, and now I’m a copy editor. I enjoy embroidering cross-stitch and blackwork pixel art and geek things (gallery of my work here), video games, and collecting notebooks.

I write speculative stories and poems. My bibliography can be found here.

I’m a white Australian; I’m agender (ou/ou/ous/ous/ouself or they/them/their/theirs/themself pronouns), asexual and aromantic. My blog posts and fiction concerning aro & stuff stuff can be found here. I am not a 101 source, but if you’d like to talk about ace/aro stuff, feel free to contact me!

I can be contacted at penstirling [α] gmail [•] com. I can be found on Twitter at numbathyal, and on Tumblr at omnomnumbat and stirlingstitch (for crafts).