Free/Online Aromantic & Asexual Fiction

Last updated 4/12/17 (added Love Spells, StarHammer, [un]Divine; removed 3 entries no longer free)

This page lists free-to-read/online fiction (prose stories, poems, comics and podcasts so far) which have asexual spectrum and/or aromantic spectrum characters in them. If you’ve got any fiction or notes you’d like me to add or corrections you think I should make, email or tweet at me! Feel free to link this page around!

Note that the ♠ and *ace/aro creator* designations are for creators I have seen publicly self-ID.

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Free-to-read prose stories


And If the Body Were Not the Soul by A.C. Wise (2015)
A SF short story about an autistic courier befriending an alien in a time of human-alien troubles.
Ro: non-binary asexual (romantic ID unclear); non-human idealisation; nb/f & nb/non-human friendships

How My Best Friend Rania Crashed a Party and Saved the World by Ada Hoffmann (2014)
An urban SF short story about a teen trying to break up with her boyfriend.
EmmaL female aromantic (sexual ID unclear); f/f friendship

How to Become a Robot in 12 Easy Steps by A. Merc Rustad (2014)
❋aroace creator❋
An urban SF short story about a depressed enby wishing to become a robot and save a robot.
Tesla: non-binary robo-romantic asexual; non-human idealisation; nb/m friendship; nb/robot relationship; depression (suicidal ideation); word “asexual” used

Iwunen Interstellar Investigations by Bogi Takács (2016–ongoing)
❋demiace creator❋
ongoing serial (unread)
Mirun: NB demisexual
Ranai: NB demisexual

Kin, Painted by Penny Stirling (2015)
❋aroace creator❋
An urban fantasy short story about someone finding their place amongst a talented and queer family.
(unnamed): (gender unspecified) aromantic asexual, ?/f/m/nb familial relationships

Lemon & Salt by Claudie Arseneault (2017)
*arospec ace creator*
A flash story about a change in a working/queerplatonic partnership.
Lemon: non-binary aromantic, nb/f queerplatonic relationship
Salt: female aromantic, f/nb queerplatonic relationship

Owl Vs. The Neighborhood Watch by Darcie Little Badger (2017)
❋aroace creator❋
An Apache professor’s history with a harbinger of doom. Depression, suicidal ideation. Word of god.
Nina: female aromantic asexual

Nkásht íí by Darcie Little Badger (2014)
❋aroace creator❋
An urban fantasy short story about two friends investigating a death and a ghost.
Annie: female aromantic asexual, f/f friendship

Sex With Ghosts by Sarah Kanning (2008)
A receptionist kidnaps the sexbot clone made without her consent. Sex scenes. Word “asexual” used.
Carla: female asexual (romantic ID unclear)

Tanith’s Sky by Penny Stirling (2013)
❋aroace creator❋
An urban fantasy short story about a mathematician grieving Tanith’s death and thinking about their relationship after saving the world. Aro/alloro queerplatonic relationship, friendships. Death of aroace character. Amatonormativity.
Tanith: female aromantic asexual, f/nb queerplatonic relationship

The Bees Her Heart, The Hive Her Belly by Benjanun Sriduangkaew (2013)
female aro or grey-aro?; family

The Book of How to Live by Rose Lemberg (2016)
❋demiace creator❋ (unread)
Efronia: female asexual, f/f romantic relationship

The Cannibalism Hypothesis by Chelsea Stickle (2016)
*greyro demiace creator*
A psychology student’s study date doesn’t go as planned. Sexual assault. Acephobia, arophobia, gender essentialism.
Jenna: female grey-romantic demisexual, f/f friendship

The Crows Her Dragon’s Gate by Benjanun Sriduangkaew (2013)
A mythical fantasy short story about the goddess Xihe. Aroace/allo (ex-)romantic and (ex-)sexual relationship. Questioning. Sex scenes. Amatonormativity.
Xihe: female aromantic asexual, non-human (god), f/m (ex-)romantic and sexual relationship

The Occidental Bride by Benjanun Sriduangkaew (2015)
female alloro ace; f/f romantic relationship

Two Year Man by Kelly Robson (2015)

Under She Who Devours Suns by Benjanun Sriduangkaew (2016)

You’ll Surely Drown Here If You Stay by Alyssa Wong (2016)


Free-to-read poems

Even Robots Learn by Penny Stirling (2014)
❋aroace creator❋ female aro; amatonormativity

Hope of the Future by Elizabeth Barrette (2011)
male aro ace; m/m/f non-romantic relationship

stone by Penny Stirling (2015)
❋aroace creator❋ ? aro ace; ?/nb friendship; depression

we come together we fall apart by Lisa Bradley (2012)
male alloro? ace; family; m/f romantic? relationship

Zucchini by Penny Stirling (2013)
❋aroace creator❋ female aro ace, f/f queerplatonic relationship


Free-to-read comics

14 Nights by Kristina Stipetic
A finished literary comic about a man who doesn’t enjoy sex agreeing to try sexual acts for a fortnight with his new partner. Happy, pro-asexuality ending. Ace/allo romantic and (trial) sexual relationship. Sex scenes.
Lucian: male asexual, main character, m/m romantic and (trial) sexual relationship

Ace by Kiku H
❋aroace creator❋ completed guest comic; non-fiction
(guest comic on Oh Joy Sex Toy by Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan which is a NSFW sex toy review comic)

Autobiographical Story about A Hopeless Aromantic (Becoming Loveless) by Chekhov
(Artist no longer IDs as aro.)
A finished one-shot autobiographical comic. Aro/alloro (ex-)romantic relationship. Word “aromantic” used. Amatonormativity.
Chekhov: non-binary aro, nb/m romantic relationship

David Doesn’t Get It by David
❋aroace creator❋ completed; male aro ace; family; autobiographical (unread)

Dumbing of Age by David Willis
An ongoing slice-of-life college comic.
Carla: trans female homoromantic asexual, ensemble character.

Eth’s Skin by Sfé R. Monster
*ace creator*
An ongoing fantasy comic about a fisher’s quest to help a selkie.
Rel: female aromantic (word of god), non-human (selkie) f/m/nb platonic relationships
Töby: male alloromantic asexual, m/nb friendship

Girls With Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto
ongoing; female alloro ace; minor character; f/f romantic relationship

Heartless by Emily Griggs
❋grey-ace creator❋
An ongoing action/adventure comic about vampires in Victorian London. Superpower asexuality, seduction magic.
Clara: female asexual, main character, non-human (vampire)

heliosphere! by Eann Morai
An ongoing slice-of-life scifi comic about underpaid restaurant staff in space. Ensemble cast. Co-workers/friendships.
Raquel: female aromantic asexual
Gene: male heteromantic asexual, non-human (alien), m/f ace/allo long-distance romantic relationship

How I Learned to Love Being Aromantic by Kotaline Jones
❋aroace creator❋ completed; autobiographical; female aro ace; words “asexual”, “aromantic” used

Hugo and Vern by Japh
ongoing; male ace, main character; m/m non-romantic relationship

Ignition Zero by Noel Arthur Heimpel
❋grey-ace creator❋ *recommended*
A finished comic about friends getting involved with a land spirit. Urban fantasy. Main/ensemble cast. Words “asexual”, “aromantic”, “queerplatonic” used. Ace/ace romantic relationship. m/m/nb friendships.
Martin: male aromantic heterosexual, m/nb queerplatonic relationship
Orson: male alloromantic asexual, m/m romantic relationship
Robbie: male homoromantic asexual, m/m romantic relationship

Love Spells by Ryan and Sage
Maria: female alloromantic asexual, f/f slowburn romantic relationship

M.F.K. by Nilah Magruder
❋aroace creator❋
An ongoing fantasy comic about two teens on a journey. Main characters.
Abbie: female asexual (word of god), f/m platonic relationship
Jaime: male asexual (word of god), m/f platonic relationship, m/m/f familial relationships

Nwain: The Knight Who Wandered Dream by Terrana Cliff
❋grey-ace creator❋
An ongoing animated fantasy comic about a knight errant trying to return home. Word of god.
Nwain: non-binary grey-aromantic grey-asexual

Oh Hana! (formerly Oh THAT’s Why I’m Aro-Ace!) by Puteri Hana
❋aroace creator❋ ongoing; autobiographical; aro ace; family; words “asexual”, “aromantic” used

Oneiromancers by Matthew Cobb
❋aroace creator❋ ongoing; female aro ace (unread)

Otherworldly by Becky Hopkins
ongoing; male aro? ace; semi-non-human; ensemble character; word “asexual” used

Questables by Bilvy
An ongoing D&D-inspired fantasy comic following questing adventurers. Ensemble cast.
Arin: genderfluid aromantic, nb/m queerplatonic relationship, nb/m/f friendships
Rose: male asexual, m/nb queerplatonic relationship, m/nb/f friendships

Rechargeable by Bilvy
A completed comic following a black market crew. Science fiction. Ensemble cast. Word “asexual” used.
Century: female aromantic homosexual, f/m/nb friendships.
iDroid: male demiromantic asexual, m/m romantic relationship, m/f/nb friendships

Rock and Riot by Chelsey Furedi
An ongoing slice-of-life comic set in the 1950s following opposing teen gangs. Ensemble cast. No terms used, several characters explain their orientations, some are still word of god. Ace/allo, arospec/alloro and acespec/ace romantic relationships. f/f, m/m, nb/nb friendships.
Ace: agender demiromantic asexual, nb/f romantic relationship
Carla: female panromantic asexual, f/f romantic relationship
Dett: genderfluid aromantic asexual
Edd: male aromantic asexual
Gene: male homoromantic greyasexual, m/m romantic relationship
Rolly: trans female panromantic demisexual, f/nb romantic relationship
Skip: bigender demi-pansexual
Sasha: male panromantic demisexual, m/m romantic relationship

Shades of A by Tab Kimpton
completed; male alloro ace; poly; sex scenes; family; m/m romantic relationship; m/nb non-romantic relationship; main character; word “asexual” used

Shortpacked! by David Willis
A finished slice-of-life urban scifi comic about a toyshop. Ace/allo (non-human/human) romantic and sexual relationship. Sex scenes. Word “asexual” used.
Ultracar: female homoromantic asexual, ensemble character, non-human (robot), f/f romantic and sexual relationship, f/f/m friendships

StarHammer by J.N. Monk et al
An ongoing near-future urban SF comic where superpowers are common. A student unwittingly becomes the successor to a washed-up superhero.
Evelyn: female aromantic asexual; main character; word “acearo” used; f/f friendship; f/f mentorship

String Theory by Dirk Grundy
ongoing; male aro ace; minor character; word “asexual” used

Supernormal Step by Michael Lee Lunsford
An ongoing portal fantasy comic. Words “asexual”, “aromantic” used.
Fiona: female aromantic asexual, main character, f/f/m friendships

The Hues by Alex Heberling
An ongoing urban fantasy comic about magical girls and alien invasion. Word “asexual” used.
Sami: female panromantic asexual, main/ensemble character, f/f friendships

Travelogue by Aatmaja Pandya
An ongoing slice-of-life comic diary about four travelling companions. Fantasy.
Emerene: male aromantic; main/ensemble character; m/f/? friendships

[un]Divine by Ayme Sotuyo
An ongoing fantasy comic about a student who gives up his soul for a demon to help him with his troubles. Shenanigans and mysteries ensue.
Daniel: male alloromantic grey-asexual; main character; soulless and becoming less human, m/demon slowburn romantic relationship

Victory Witch by Chu
❋ace creator❋ ongoing; female ace; f/f non-romantic relationship; main character

Widdershins by Kate Ashwin
ongoing; male aro? ace; m/m non-romantic relationship; ensemble character; word of god

You Suck by Josh Lesnick
ongoing; female ace; minor character; sex scenes (erotica comic); word “asexual” used


Free-to-hear podcasts

ars PARADOXICA (transcripts available)
female aro ace (unheard)

The Adventures Of Mechabetty (transcripts available)

The Bright Sessions
female alloro or grey-aro ace (unheard)