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I live in Perth, Western Australia. A few years ago I graduated with a BA, majoring in Linguistics with some ancient languages on the side, and now I’m a copy editor. I enjoy embroidering cross-stitch and blackwork pixel art and geek things (a gallery is here), video games, and collecting notebooks.

I write speculative stories and poems. My bibliography can be found here.

I’m a white Australian; I’m femme agender (ou/ou/ous/ous/ouself or they/them/their/theirs/themself pronouns), asexual and aromantic. My blog posts and fiction concerning ace/aro stuff can be found here. I am not an Ace 101 source, but if you’d like to talk about ace/aro stuff, feel free to contact me!

I can be contacted at penstirling [α] gmail [•] com. I can be found on Twitter at numbathyal, and on Tumblr at omnomnumbat and stirlingstitch (for crafts).

If you want to tip me, I have a Ko-fi account:

Numbats (Myrmecobius fasciatus) are an endangered marsupial and an emblem of Western Australia. They eat termites.

The bathyal zone (midnight zone, bathypelagic) lies between 1000 to 4000 metres beneath the ocean’s surface. Anglerfish live there.

Title image is by zoological illustrator Henry Constantine Richter (1821–1902), for The Mammals of Australia by John Gould (1845–1863).

2 thoughts on “About Penny

  1. Hi Penny.

    Just contacting to say thanks for the below post. I stumbled upon it through a quick google search into touch aversion and intimacy aversion (group therapy project I’m working on).


    This made me laugh out loud so hard I almost choked on my Ribena. Nice to finally find something online that articulates exactly how I’ve been feeling all this time. Kissing is pretty gross!

    “The idea of kissing is distressingly gross. I dislike wet mouth sounds, they set me on edge. Plus, um, that’s where food and air goes? And there is so much saliva?? And lips are really weird??? Why would anyone want to touch a mouth????? I just??? don’t?? get it??????? And then you add in the extra touching that’s required to position a mouth into another mouth and to keep it there and the associated hand touching and aslshafklfsfhsklad I feel queasy thinking about it. ”

    Have a nice week and thanks for the blog!

    ~Michael, Ireland.

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