We Met in Dragon Shadow

Ah, it’s finally here! Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #60 is out and it contains my poem “We Met in Dragon Shadow”, concerning what happens to a mercenary and the princess she’s rescued after slaying the dragon. Editor Sue Bursztynski said the narrator reminded her of Brienne of Tarth, which my Westeros-familiar friends had to explain to me but I’m quite honoured as she seems like a badass!

In other news, I’ve had a couple of extremely busy months. August was a whirlwind of social engagements and Beethoven concerts (!! oh my, if you ever get the chance to see the 9th live, it’s an experience like no other), September I went on a 1,500-km roadtrip to see some rocks with my rock buddy! To top it all off, earlier this week my lack of coordination gave me an eye injury. *sigh*


Dog Rock, Albany, Western Australia, September 2014


Wave Rock, Hyden, Western Australia, September 2014

Later this month I’ll have a poem and a story published, both of which I’m very excited about. And hopefully I will get some time to cross stitch now that it’s less busy and warmer! My projects are so neglected… I wonder if I could try one-eyed cross stitching? Definitely no need for depth perception where needles and precise patterns are concerned! :p