More Embers than Feathers Filled the Firmament

My consonance-based story “More Embers than Feathers Filled the Firmament” is online for everyone to read in Lackington’s issue 4! With stunning art by Kat Weaver! *___* There is some beautiful prose in this issue, as there has been in the previous issues! I’m so happy to be part of such a luscious endeavour.

(A-and it got such a nice review at Clavis Aurea, bwee!)

One note for the curious: “carnivore demon ducks” refers to the extinct Bullockornis planei, nicknamed the “Demon duck of doom”, the 2.5 metre tall carnivorous duck. There’s a collection of them at Kings Park.

I wrote a bit about the journey of “More Embers” earlier, and there’s the very short genesis of the birds’ war if you would like some more weirdy birdy words.

I don’t know anything about wagtails outside of Australia (didn’t even knew they existed until a few months ago!) but it’s difficult to imagine life without willie wagtails. They’re tiny, adorable, inquisitive and utterly fierce. They’ll attack any kookaburras, magpies (also wow non-Australian magpies are weird, I don’t know how youse cope), crows, falcons, eagles that get too close to their nests. And they’ll follow you around the garden as you weed, hopping about and wagging back and forth.


Zenith’s Wake

Zenith’s Wake is up at Mirror Dance! At 9,400 words it’s the longest completed thing I’ve written since I was a teenager, and probably the first time I’ve had to use maths to work out how quickly a plot should be progressing.

It is about death, grief and disaster relief; stress, relationships, love and homesickness; magic, logistics and uncertain futures.

Some minor notes: Ithikana is a Brisbane-analogue and Istapor is a Singapore-analogue; Australia really does have stinging trees.


the white-vested story-teller

I am so immensely happy to say that my bird consonance story “More Embers Than Feathers Filled The Firmament” will appear in Lackington’s Issue 4 later this year. Here is a preview of the willie wagtail’s tale for you!

For once that last dusk of buried dead ducks had ended we discussed what to do, and though diplomat pigeon was our planned decision, the sneaky penguin clan acceded not. Secretly the salt-sea birds sent an assassin siskin, skilled in shadow-killing, to savagely avenge their cousins. Since she travelled solo and lacked restrictive bureaucrats, the blood-letting siskin reached the lupus lair well before our patch-winged pigeons gained pig-faced wolf’s favour for a conference

I started “More Embers” seven years ago and, before finishing it a couple months back, hadn’t touched it for four or five years. Originally it had been a challenge to myself! I had written some short things indulging in my love of sounds, phrases constructed out of alliteration, consonance and assonance, growing into sentences and paragraphs fuelled by combinations of lovely sounds.

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A Wagtail’s Wail

A Wagtail’s Wail
fantasy, surrealism, birds; 2007; 200 words

“To wit!” wailed a Willy-tail. “Westward toward wild laid-back drawling droving brethren we wish. Whether we shall sever summer’s ever-very-vast straining constriction never will we know. When wily coyote to canyons cavernous sent the Swan twins searching, gnarly gnome-nemesis satan assailed our silver city tree, each leaf laid down with yon wild betrayal twisting aside safe nests. Stunned, soon stenching, once-starry stencils staunchly stemmed the drawn demon tide.”
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