Mango Flies and Body Lies

A flash story of mine appears in issue 2 of Verse Kraken amongst the poetry and photographs and performances. With a very silly title, here is She is, there—amongst the Mango Trees—a Flytrap Garden, a tale of summer experiences. And by that I mean summer bugs. (It’s an image rather than text; if there are accessibility issues and you’d like to read it, please let me know and I’ll arrange something!) Verse Kraken had a launch party which I couldn’t attend, all the more sadly after reading Alex’s write-up.
I had been preparing to talk about how strange it feels, writing such a summery story in summer and rereading it in autumn and feeling nostalgia but NOPE this week has been hot and humid and I have seen too many mosquitoes and there are cyclones in the news.

I was supposed to have another flash piece published in December, and a poem in January. I’ve heard one is hopefully on the way soonish; the other one’s status is a terrible mystery! Frustratingly I’ve not been writing as much as I would like. I seem to start getting some headway into treating one health issue and then another acts up for attention. One thing I have done recently was a poem quite unlike any I’ve written before, which was quite exciting! Hopefully it can find a home.

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