A Zucchini Post, or Penny You Keep Using That Word

I was asked to be a zucchini by a person who is now my zucchini! Oh no vegetable word what does this all mean?!?

The term “zucchini” comes from the asexual community, though it’s more applicable to aromantics (there not really bring an aro community at the time) and in fact applicable to people of all romantic orientations. Similar is the older WTFromantic and the newer queerplatonic/quirkyplatonic/committed platonic.

A zucchini is a queerplatonic/quirkyplatonic partner (QPP). I am in a queerplatonic/quirkyplatonic relationship (QPR), I have a QPP, I have a zucchini. They can be instead of a romantic partner and they can be as well as one.

So what is it? It is a person who is between a friend and a romantic partner. More than a best friend, possibly a life partner, but not quite what society would call a girlfriend. There’s a deep emotional connection but no romantic attraction. There can be romantic behaviour, such as dates and hand holding, but there can also be romantic behaviour in platonic relationships. Imagine a bromance without the romance and queer baiting or a non-romantic Boston marriage. There can be an element of living together, especially for aros, but not always. My QPR is a long-distance relationship!

So I’m in a relationship, but it’s okay if you think it’s just a supercharged friendship! I have not suddenly become alloromantic, though, importantly. And it’s not going to affect much day to day stuff; it’s long-distance so there’s no need for +1 party invites. You can refer to them as “zucchini” if you want! “Partner” is okay too, but this relationship is only a couple months old and to me “partner” has connotations of well-established relationships so I am less likely to use it myself. “Girlfriend” is not quite accurate because of the romantic connotations. Of course if you know their name, that is fine too! And it’s fine not to care! It’s not like I usually display interest about your romantic partners.

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to email or otherwise message me! It is a bit of a nebulous idea and I don’t know how well I’ve explained it. Below are some links if you’d like to do some more reading.


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